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Interventional cardiology deals specifically with the catheter-based treatment of heart and vascular disease. We perform heart catheterizations, balloon angioplasties, placement of stents and other interventional procedures of the heart, extremities and major organs.
Q: After my stent procedure, when can I have an MRI?
A: Wait for three months before having an MRI scan.

Q: Can I eat or drink prior to my cardiac catheterization procedure?
A: No, you should not eat or drink for six hours prior to your cardiac catheterization procedure.

Q: Do I need to take any additional medications after my stent procedure?
A: Take antibiotics prophylactically for dental work for three months.

Q: What level of activity can I resume after my stent procedure?
A: For at least one month, you should not perform any heavy physical activity.

Q: When can I expect to go home after my cardiac catheterization?
A: Most patients do not require pressure applied to the access site post-procedure, but may have a closure device applied instead. Patients are generally sent home two to four hours after their cardiac catheterization procedure.

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