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The tilt table test is a diagnostic procedure used for the evaluation and management of a common type of syncope referred to as “Vasodepressor Syncope” (syncope is a medical term that is used to describe “passing out”).
  • If your test is scheduled before 2 P.M., do not eat or drink anything after midnight
  • If your test is scheduled after 2 P.M., do not eat or drink anything after 8 A.M.
  • Take your morning pills with sips of water only
We obtain a brief history emphasizing current symptoms and pertinent family history. An intravenous catheter (IV) will be started for fluids and medications. You will lie flat on a table with your feet positioned against a footboard. The table will be put in an upright position one or two times during the test. There will be no other movement of the table. The first part of the test is done without medication. If that part is normal, a medication is given which will make you feel like your heart is racing and the test will be repeated as before.
The test will take approximately one hour.
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